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Want to know how

 i made £2,430 in 18 hours

selling handmade products ?

3 Step Signature Solution

Learn How To Start, Stand Out & Sell

at your next craft fair
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Are you fed up of....

  • Arriving at an event only to find similar stalls to yours

  • Changing your prices desperate for the sale & feeling the need to compete with other stall holders

  • Not making minimum wage for a days event

  • Uncomfortable silences when people approach your stall

Or maybe you are a home crafter

  • looking to turn your hobby into a profitable business but unsure where to start

  • Or perhaps friends and family are telling you you should sell your creations and it's got you thinking about making some extra cash

  • Maybe you want the flexibility to work around children & family life

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Get Inspired By Our Workshops

  Do you want to make money from your crafting?  
Are you ready to turn your creative passion into a thriving business? Look no further because I am here to be your trusted mentor on this incredible journey!

Seven years ago, I embarked on my own adventure of transforming my love for knitting into an award-winning knitwear brand. Today, I am excited to share my knowledge, experiences, secrets to success and failures with you, as I guide you through the process of turning your craft into a profitable business.

As your mentor, I bring first hand experience and a deep understanding of the challenges as well as opportunities that lie ahead.



 We'll explore the unique qualities that make your creations stand out to ensure your craft reflects your passion and captures the attention of your target market.

Crafting a successful business goes beyond creating beautiful products. Together we will dive into the essential aspects of running a business such as pricing strategies, how to sell without being 'salesy', effective frameworks to use on social media, how to ensure your stall stands out at your next event and much more. I'll share proven methods for reaching your ideal customers, both online and offline, and help you develop a strong online presence that showcases your craft .

Now is the time to transform your craft into a profitable business that not only fuels your creativity but also brings you financial and personal fulfilment.


Are you ready to  embark on this incredible journey with me?


Let's  turn your craft into a thriving business that you can be proud of.

Together, we'll create a legacy of creativity and success.



Have you ever been in a situation where you’re so excited to share your handmade products, to make sales and connections only to find people are just walking past your stall, not buying, not engaging, not  paying you any attention?

I can remember being in that very same situation feeling like I had failed, feeling frustrated, losing my confidence at each event I attended.

Fast forward 8 years and I’ve had my first £2,430 sales in 18 hours, I have a Multi Award Winning Knitwear business, I’ve been featured in numerous publications, appeared on National TV, the BBC and collaborated with the United Nations at a top London Fashion Show.  I have been coached by celebrities and had incredible face to face coaching from

Sarah Willingham of Dragons Den.  I now, alongside running my business, speak in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the country sharing my story with one of the UK's top business training providers,

The Journey so far.....
From home knitter to 

your Business Bestie
Client reviews

Dawn has been my mentor  for over a year now, her knowledge, ideas & encouragement has helped grow my business hugely.


Dawn helped me identify my brand voice. The marketing kit  we worked on exceeded my expectations.


Dawn & I worked on my strategy developing a business model which has had incredible results.

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Let's Chat

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