Broken Trunk

What's important to me?


Being accountable, making informed decisions, helping my local community, giving a little back, ethical practice, transparency, sustainability, consideration to the environment, positive change.

These principles were recognised by The United Nations in February 2019 when Hurd & Co were invited to be part of the Global Goal installation at the top fashion show Pure London specifically because of our commitment towards 

Global Goal number 12,

Responsible Consumption & Production.  


​Discussions are underway to launch local 'Sit & Knit' groups .

The objective of these groups is to encourage elderly people living in rural Somerset dealing with issues surrounding isolation, loneliness and depression to come along to a session to sit, knit, drink tea, eat cake and socialise with each other,

we may even have a sing along.


Moving forward I am aware there is still room for improvement within the business

I will endeavour to implement changes towards achieving more of the

17 United Nations Global Goals criteria.

We will continue to support British business and farmers in our purchasing decisions.

We will continue to educate and inform you, our lovely customer, on the small changes each and every one of us can make whenever we consider buying new products, we encourage you to

Buy Better, Buy Less.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site,