We pledge:

  • To promote the use of 100% wool in the production of my award winning womens scarf and mens scarf knitwear collections.

  • To use recycled/recyclable packaging.

  • To use reusable  jute bags as an alternative to plastic or paper.

  • To use cork leather as an ethical alternative to animal leather.

  • To reduce my environmental footprint through supporting British business as much as I can.

Hurd and Co are proud registered supporters of  

The Campaign For Wool  

I aim to promote the benefits of wool and to support British farmers as much as possible in my purchasing decisions.





I fully support the Global  Goals for sustainable development which is a list of  17 goals for a better world by 2030 agreed

by World leaders.  Hurd & Co intend to directly target goal number 12: 

Responsible Consumption and Production and strive to meet the criteria of more Global Goals in the future.

We are proud to be backing the #powerofone  and encourage our customers to try to make some of the following changes to support the campaign.

  • TURN IT DOWN - covering temperature control and washing clothes on a lower setting

  • GET DIRTY - wear more and wash less, showers over baths to reduce water and wastage 

  • PASS IT ON - recycling and upcycling, donating clothes and participation in acts of kindness (kindness is contagious)

  • ETHICOOL - pledges positioned towards creating a more ethically and environmentally friendly world

  • ACTUALLY I CAN - empowerment to make a stand and make a change. No voice is too small




In February 2019 Hurd & Co  were selected to be  part of the United  Nations Sustainability Development Goals Installation

at Pure London Fashion Show based on our Values and business model.


We are based in Puriton, Somerset, England

Phone: 07894 231421



Nominee 2020 Gift of the Year.


Winner of the BTAA Fashion Accessory of the Year Award 2019, Made in Britain category.


2019 Part of the United Nations Global Goals Sustainable Development Installation at Pure London Fashion Show.

Proud registered  supporter of the Campaign for Wool



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