• I created these Wrist Warmers to overcome the problem of always having a gap between the end of my winter coat and the start of my gloves.  These extra long, handmade wrist warmer are finglerless and meant to be worn as an extension to your sleeve.  They make life easier whilst out and about in the cold by keeping you warm while still enabling the use of your phone.


    Handmade from Merino wool due to the fibers being extremely fine, so they feel amazingly soft and like all wool  it’s warm in the cold weather and cool in the heat, it's stretchy and comfortable to wear, it's breathable and doesn’t hold any odor, best of all it is a natural sustainable product.


    Benefits & Features

    • Made from 100%  Merino Wool.
    • Branded with a sustainable cork leather tag.
    • Made by hand.
    • Arrives gift wraped in a reusable branded eco friendly jute sack.
    • Also available in a limited edition Mustard & Claret  Merino wool aswell as a luxurious Cream coloured British Blue Faced Leicester Wool.
    • Hurd and Co are commited to reduce waste and therefore we do not hold stock everything is lovingly made to order.