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Meeting your idol

Updated: Jun 18

When the phone rang a year ago I answered to be greeted by a larger than life character called Nadia. She was inviting me to exhibit at London's largest wholesale fashion show in London. I genuinely thought my friend Rachel, was winding me up. 'Nadia' continued telling me how it would be a great opportunity for Hurd & Co, it would take the business to the next level etc, at which point I said "you know I knit at my kitchen table?".............................the silence was deafening. It was obviously NOT Rachel!!!!!

After a lot of consideration and debating at home, I decided if I didn't take this opportunity I would forever wonder. I signed up and started to work towards my first collection for wholesale buyers.

Pure London

12 months later I'm there, Olympia, Pure London 2019. Feeling so far out of my depth I couldn't breathe. Walking into the main hall amongst the absolute chaos of last minute panic. I had to tell myself it's only 3 days, in 3 days it will all be over, just get through it 1 day at a time. After setting up my stand it was time to wonder off to discover the United Nations Sustainability Instillation, Hurd & Co had been selected to exhibit on the installation due to our commitment towards responsible consumption and production, an absolute honour.

Childhood Idol

So far so good the show was amazing and about to get even better. Growing up i religiously watched The Clothes Show sketching designs and picking up style tips. I remember being so inspired by Caryn Franklin and her unique fashion sense. Caryn is an activist , challenging attitudes towards un achievable body image, raising awareness surrounding ethical fashion and sustainability within the fashion industry, working on Aids and Breast Cancer projects, heading the #powerofone campaign. So imagine my excitement as a saw her strolling through the exhibition hall.

After bagging myself a front row seat, I got to listen to Caryn talk about positive body image in the fashion industry, I got to talk to her and got myself a cheeky selfie. What an amazing woman and what an absolute pleasure to meet her. So down to earth and full of information and inspiration. I totally embarrassed myself waffling on, completely in awe, meeting one of my idols. A superb ending to an amazing 3 days.

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