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I grew up in a small village in Somerset surrounded by family and open fields. 

I scrumped apples, played in hay barns, scuffed my knees and rode horses.


I watched both my Grandmother's and aunties (I have 7)  knit, natter and occasionally play cards for pennies. We used to meet at Nan's (Nellie's)  for elevensie's, wait for 'Doughy' the local baker to drive up in his van  so we could run out and buy fresh jam doughnuts to eat with our cheese, biscuits and sugary sweet cups of tea that Nan had laid out inside.


The notion of feeling lonely or isolated is such an alien concept to me as i have, for as long as i can remember, been surrounded by family.  


Isolation, loneliness & depression amongst our friends and neighbours is something I feel a responsibility we all share.

I am sure we all know someone who lives alone, is retired, is withdrawing from community life.  A simple conversation, an offer of help with shopping or collection of medication can have a huge impact on someones day.​

My vision is to create a work force consisting  mainly of  elderly people at risk of the above conditions

 with the overall objective of creating a nurturing environment to  'Sit & Knit' 

to share stories, worries and laughter over a warm cup of tea.  


As part of our commitment towards positive change we  donate 10% of your purchase  

directly to  the mental health charity MIND.

We are a forward thinking ethical fashion brand.

Click on the icon to see our Work for Good page to discover more.

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